About US

Founded in 2017, opendmn is worldwide website analyzing and analyzing developments in some country and around the world. opendmn, which is followed leading professionals, gives the biggest web site analysis and provides reliable web analytics service.

At opendmn since, we shaped the vision around the information. We know the power of the information and we are leading accordingly. opendmn helps you compete with your opponents with reliable analytical data and statistics. opendmn's estimates and data are accurate because of;It analyzes the millions of user data through different browsers and these browsers. This data and resources are obtained directly. There is no such thing as collecting illegal data. We collect all the data by legal means.

Analyzing our website is important to optimize our online strategies, so we can continue climbing positions to the ultimate goal by realizing our plan and the best fit.Most of the success of a Web portal is determined by the number of users and their actions; the higher the conversion rate, the higher the chance of success. Likewise, the returns and transformations of new users are also directly influential in this success. For all these reasons, we are currently trying to analyze the statistics of a page on the internet. We provide you with all the variables recorded in each visit up-to-date.

With in-depth analysis and higher quality, we provide key analyzes that focus on segmenting visits received by a web page. A very detailed analysis that responds to the efficiency of each marketing strategy always gives the greatest contribution to your business.

Our existing tools already offer great interest and focus on traffic loyalty and transformation. We may provide valuable information to implement the necessary changes to reduce the rate of actions such as the user not showing interest in your site or running away.

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